sabato, ottobre 22, 2011

TV-aksjonen 2011

Last Saturday I was picking dried, sweet, sticky grapes to help my friends in the Cantina Crovara in Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy to make the sweet wine Sciacchetrà. As we all sat there around the bin with the bees buzzing around I understood one of the Italian guys, Davide, had been helping out in different disaster-hit areas around the world. He told me about the remarcable and amazing work the Norwegian People's Aid (the labour movement’s humanitarian organization for solidarity) do around the world, I was ashamed how little I knew about the important work they do and how crucial the help they give is for both the people in need but also for the other helping organizations! According to Davide NPA is the nr.1! So I was really happy to get back home and find out the this years TV-campain is going to give the money to NPA/Norsk folkehjelp!
I really, really wish I had the money to contribute by buying this pice by Dolk! I really, really wish I could!

Dolk's contribution to the Norwegian People's Aid charity 23 october 2011: BOMB SUIT 1/1
Spray paint and acrylic
on canvas 70 X 100CM

By the way: I find Dolk very simpatic!